Consent Form

De Kern midwifery practice will be extremely careful in dealing with personal data of her patients. We adhere to the rules and laws of the GDPR, the general data protection regulation (AVG in Dutch).

Without your consent to make (careful) use of your personal data, we cannot treat you at our midwifery practice.

More information about which data it concerns, what we do with your personal data and what your rights are, is given in our privacy statement.

Your consent also includes:

  1. the processing of your personal data present in your patient file.
  2. supplying your personal data to other parties concerning the expense account.
  3. supplying your personal data to other caregivers, if necessary for continued care, like your GP, the ultrasound centre (echo centrum), the supplier of maternity care (kraamzorg) and the centre for youth care (CJG).
  4. supplying your personal data to third parties*, like
    – Peridos[1],
    – Perinatale Registratie Nederland[2].
  5. Passing on your email address to the CPZ for the PREM (the PREM is a nationally determined short questionnaire about what is important for the postpartum woman (the client) and useful for the healthcare provider. Experiences about the care for each of the organisations (the midwifery practice, the hospital and the maternity care organisation) from which the client has received care are asked.
  6. displaying your birth announcement in the waiting room at our practice.


[1] Peridos is a national system where data of antenatal screening is recorded.  This digital file records data concerning the antenatal screening for Down’s syndrome and the 20-week anomaly scan in order to improve and optimise the quality and the process of screening.

[2] PRN (perinatal registration in the Netherlands) aims to improve quality of care by collecting anonymised medical data of mother and child throughout the entire process of pregnancy and birth.